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Cairns judo
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A Little About Who We Are...

Grassroots Judo...  we look to meeting the needs of our members first and foremost. Grassroots sport does not mean sport that is anti-competition. Participating in competition and learning to face the challenges involved can contribute to the positive development of psychological resiliency and physical competencies for everyone. However as Grassroots Sport aims to be Safe, Supportive, Inclusive and Enjoyable, it therefore involves competition which should meet the needs of all the sports participants. Grassroots sport is not High Performance sport. Nor is High Performance participation assumed be a "higher" progression from Grassroots participation. Participation in Grassroots sporting competition is a goal within it’s own right and arguably, enduring participation at the Grassroots level holds far more social and individual benefits than progression down the High Performance path. Grassroots Sport (including Grassroots Judo) is for everyone!

Safe, Supportive, Inclusive & Enjoyable..... We have four pillars of participation at our club. We strive for best practice that accords with the Australian Sports Commissions "Play by the Rules" principles of being Safe, Fair and Inclusive. We also extend upon this by implicitely including the ASC promoted "Fair" within our club piller of being  "Supportive". We also acknowledge "Enjoyment" as an additional essential piller for our grassroots oriented membership.

Values based participation... Judo participation should be much more than simply learning throwing and holding skills. According to Judo's founder Professor Jigoro Kano, "The final goal of Judo discipline is to perfect yourself and contribute something of value to the world." At Cairns Southside Judo Club, we try to take this on board, believing that Judo participation is much more than just a sport for  "winning medals" .  We believe that Judo can be a way of life that contributes to personal development. Our values based instruction therefore aims to promote and develop positive social values both on and off the Judo mat.

Our Appoach to Participation....

Yearly Reviews
2013/2014 In reality, a combined 2013 and 2014 review of activities. Beginning with our first classes from April 2013 and including:
  • a December 2013 North Queensland Skills Development camp
  • an ascription to conduct and growth of Grassroots Judo
  • our practice of values based traditional Kodokan Judo
  • our support to regional judo clubs (Mackay, Castle Hill PCYC Townsville, Ross River PCYC Townsville, Malanda)
  • our integral role in standing up the Innisfail Judo club from scratch (including having 37 Innisfail residents as members of our Cairns Southside Judo Club until the Innisfail club existed in its own right)
  • grant application successes
  • and, in concert with the Malanda club, the beginning of regular Shiai (competition) training development activities
2015 A big year continuing to develop Judo at the grassroots level with varying activities including:
  • PCYC Vacation care Judo
  • our support to regional judo clubs (Mackay, Castle Hill PCYC Townsville, Malanda)
  • attendance at interstate (ACT and Sydney) and International (Judo Winter Nationals, California, USA) competitions
  • community support activities (Japan Day of Hope, Festival of Cairns Grand Parade)
  • widening Shiai (competition) training development activities with the inclusion of the Innisfail Judo club and supporting Innisfail Judo club events
  • last classes at Edmonton with preparation for a move of training to Gordonvale.
2016 Another huge year of grassroots Judo including:
  • our dojo move from Edmonton to Gordonvale
  • the  conduct of quaterly Judo "Grassroots Challenge" development activities
  • club representation at the Australian Kodokan Judo National Championships,
  • being a foundation club of the Queensland Kodokan Judo Association Inc.
  • further grant application successes including funding to install a 13m x 12m "floating" floor in the dojo (Judo hall).
  • Festival of Cairns Grand Parade participation for the 2nd year in a row
  • being acknowledged with an "Inovation Excellence Award" by the Queensland government for efforts to make judo more gender inclusive
  • conducting over 70 club gradings throughout the year
  • hosting a 4 member instruction delegation from Japan which included Sichi-Dan (7th degree black belt) Niki Sensei, and visiting guests from Brisbane's Lang Park PCYC Judo Club.

Introduction to Judo for Girls: A schools based initiative

Our Participation over Time... May 2013 to the Present

Installing our Floating Floor: a January 2017 project.

With HUGE thanks to the Queensland State Government, our Cairns judo club received an $13690 grant funding from the Gambling Community Benefit fund to install a "floating" floor, often also referred to as a "sprung" floor. This has allowed us to install a 13 meter x 12 meter "floating" floor.  Underneath 2 layers of 17mm structural plyboard (total 34mm thickness), we fitted approx 1700  100x100x50mm thick foam blocks.   And on top of this are our permanently laid quality Judo Tatami (mats). This was a huge undertaking by our club, pulling all these pieces together over the last Christmas holiday break. 

A working bee lifted the mats and stored them  out of the way (11 December 2016).

Another at short notice shifted all 4 pallets of plyboard out of the weather and into the hall (21 December 2016)

A small working bee fitted the floor (29-30 December 2016).

And another cleaned the mats and relayed them on the floating floor (14 December 2017). 

The vast majority of judo clubs around Australia do not have a sprung or floating floor. Of the 250-300 Judo clubs around Australia, we would be one of only a handful of clubs that has done this. Most clubs put their mats down directly onto a floor that has little or no "give", including onto concrete. In some cases, the mats are not identifiable judo Tatami but are instead thinner "jigsaw" type foam interlocking mats. And in many cases, these mats are laid down and picked up before and after every training session. Fortunately for members of Cairns Southside Judo club, this is not the case.

A Glimpse Into  Some of Our Past Activities...

"I just wanted to say a big thankyou to Luke and the girls class last night. We haven't been in class for a while and as only Le Shai takes the Monday class, Annikka was welcomed on the mat to participate and help out, minus a judo suit. At the end of the class a game was played and my 2yr old joined in, she kinda got the game, but made everyone laugh. To top off the night all 3 of my girls line up to bow off and the great effort ribbon was given to Aira-Lee, my 2yr old, which all the girls agreed that she should get it. It was lovely to see that even though everyone wants a ribbon at the end of the night they all chose to give it up for a 2yr old. So proud of all of you girls and thankfully my girls are able to grow in a sport that values friendship, courage, politeness, respect, honour, modesty, self-control and sincerity. Thankyou Luke Ronlund. Aira-Lee had to sleep with her ribbon last night. "
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Cassandra Vikionkorpi
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 22 November 2016
"Grace has only been a member for the last term but has been made so welcome and really enjoys Judo. Very proud of her award for courage"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Tracey Carne Kyle
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  26 November 2016