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Luke Ronlund
Luke Ronlund: Go-Dan (5th grade Black Belt)
First and foremost a father, as well as life experience that includes being a psychologist, a soldier and an officer in the Australian Army. As a Judoka, Luke started Judo at age 12, over 40 years ago. He is now a Go-Dan (5th Degree black belt) and founded the Cairns Southside Judo Club in May 2013.   As a former competitor, Luke has a unique background having either won or placed in 4 different state championships (QLD, ACT, VIC, & NT) as well as representing NSW at National level as a Senior (open age) competitor when he was only a Young Men's aged competitor (Under 21 years). Unfortunately, an employment related injury to Luke as a young man ended any further progression down the elite competitor pathway, and instead took him down the pathways of coaching, refereeing and administration at a relatively very young age. The upside to this is that in his 25+ years of active Judo involvement, Luke has vast experience in almost every Judo role (player, coach, administrator & Referee) at every level of participation in Australia (club, state and National). 

His present and past awards and appointments include:
                                                                      * Life Member Bushido Judo Club (NSW))
                                                                      * Life Member Larrakeyah Judo Club (NT)
                                                                      * Life Member Cairns Southside Judo Club (QLD)
                                                                      * Current National Referee Director (Australian Kodokan Judo Association)
                                                                      * Oceania A class Referee (Oceania Judo Union)
                                                                      * Former National (JFA) Board of Management member
                                                                      * Former National (JFA) Grade Commission member
                                                                      * Former National (JFA) Referee Commission member
                                                                      * Former Northern Territory Judo President
                                                                      * Former Northern Territory Institute of Sport Coach and NCAS State level coach.

                                                                      Luke is married with 3 sons and a daughter, all involved in Judo. In his spare time, he enjoys camping, gardening and
                                                                      cutting gem stones. For a more detailed profile on Luke and his "Kouketsu Na Judo" approach:

Lee Fletcher
 Lee Fletcher: Ik-Kyu (Brown Belt)
30 year old Lee, an Early Educator, joined the local Cairns Southside Judo Club in mid 2014, and is currently graded 1st Kyu (Brown belt). Before that, Lee had trained judo from age 7-16 as a member of the Malanda Judo Club. Lee was a competitive Judo player, representing Queensland at the National level of competition as a junior. Since returning to the Judo mat 3 years ago, she has had her 5 year old son literally follow in her footsteps and he too now trains with the club. Lee counts former Malanda Judo Club Sensei Kevin Cifuentes as a major influence on her Judo development. When she can find spare time, Lee enjoys fishing, camping and the outdoors.

*  Current Blue Card (working with children clearance)
*  Current Senior First Aid
*  Completion of Australian Sport Commission's "Community Coaching General Principles" course

John Deblaze
 John DeBlaze: Ik-Kyu (Brown Belt)
32 year old John, a Civil Architect, has been doing Judo for approx 9 years and is currently graded 1st Kyu (Brown belt). Hailing from Mossman, John began his Judo with the local Judo club in that town. Living and working in Cairns, John has since joined Cairns Southside Judo club, training and assisting with teaching  since the club's mid 2013 founding. He is also a referee with club, state and national experience. John is a civil designer, has a long history of volunteer service with the Coast Guard, and counts his interests as the Coast Guard and fast cars.

*  Current NCAS (National Coaching Accreditation Scheme) Club Coach
*  Current Blue Card (working with children clearance)
*  Current Senior First Aid
*  Completion of Australian Sport Commission's "Community Coaching General Principles" course
*  Completion of "HEADS UP Concussion in Youth Sports" awareness training.
*  Life Member of Cairns Southside Judo Club

Mitsuhiro Fujita
 Mitsuhiro Fujita: Ni-Kyu (Blue Belt)
35 year old Mitsu, an Early Educator and our Japanese cultural advisor, began Judo with Cairns Southside Judo Club in early 2014. Mitsu is currently graded 2nd Kyu (blue belt).  In Japan, Mitsu's home is in Japan's far north of Hokkaido. He has a varied background in Japanese arts including 3 years Iaido, 9 years Kendo and 5 years as a Shodoka (a student of Japanese Kanji art). Being Japanese with a strong background in Japanese arts combined with his experience as an childhood educator, Mitsu has quickly become a key member of the Cairns Southside Judo club's instruction team. In his spare time, Mitsu enjoys cooking, swimming and gardening.

*  Current Blue Card (working with children clearance)
                                                                     *  Current Senior First Aid