Address: 47-69 Sheppards Street, Gordonvale
Telephone: 0405239655


Class Schedule for School Term 3 2018

Wednesday (Skills Building: Beginner to Experienced)
5:00-6:00pm- Young Juniors "Class Wednesday" (ages 5yrs-8yrs) 
6:15-7:30pm- Older Juniors "Class Wednesday" (ages 8yrs-16yrs)
7:30-8:30pm- Adolescents and Seniors

Thursday (Skills Building: Beginner to Experienced)
5:00-6:00pm- Young Juniors "Class Thursday"  (ages 5yrs-8yrs)
6:15-7:15pm- Advanced Juniors/Nationals Squad Training 

Saturday (Recreational: Beginner to Experienced)
9:00 -10:15am- Juniors/Seniors (all ages)
10:30-11:30am- Seniors & Advanced Juniors/Nationals Squad Training

Other Tailored Training for Individuals or small groups available. 
Ideal for parents who wish to gain fast-track individualised training from beginner to Yellow belt (1st Judo grade).  10 week course of competency based training.


Annual Membership Fee: A $35 membership fee is payable once per calendar year and includes individual membership with both Cairns Southside Judo Club (CSJC) and the Australian Kodokan Judo Association (AKJA) via the Queensland Kodokan Judo Association (QKJA). At additional cost and by own arrangement, club members may also choose to become individual members with the Judo Federation of Australia (Queensland) ["Judo Queensland"] if they wish. 

Term Coaching Fees: This term fee is payable on a term basis. Term coaching fees are dependant upon the number of family members actively training and the frequency of training (either once per week or two or more times per week). Coaching fees work out to approximately $10 per class or less.

Judo Suits and Belts: available in a range of sizes for immediate purchase.

International and Inter-State visitors: always welcome to train with us at no charge.

For any queries or additional information, please email the club or telephone our Sensei and Club development officer Luke Ronlund on 0405239655.